Friday, June 18, 2010


Forests are the natural wealth of a country. we have been cutting trees freely for fuel, wood and other needs. As a result of it beautiful hill station like Mussorie, Dehradun have been robbed of their atraction. The contractor's axe and human greed are destroying our forests. Pressure of population, urbanization, need for more land for agriculture, railways and roadways has caused great deforestation.
Experts have introduced new ideas like high-yielding forestry. Our forests can survive if forestry look to this goal of national development . New forests should be planted .Where there is space in old forests , new trees can be planted.Forest college should open their doors to students from all fields of life .
Afforestation must be one of our main aims. It is the duty of the government and the people to preserve the forest wealth.Our government has started the festival of VAN- MAHOTSAVA or the FOREST FESTIVAL. Its really very nice.